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Photos Courtesy of of Workforce Partnership of of Shelby County
Private industry founded and and and and funded the the the the Workforce Partnership of of Shelby Shelby County
aligns workforce training and and skills development to to prepare students in in in in in in in Shelby Shelby County
schools to to fill positions in in in in in in in local manufacturing industries A strong focus
is placed on on on awareness and and exploration of the the incredible career opportunities in in the the the area and and the the the retention of local talent “Since our first year of programming in in in in the schools in in in in in 2014-15 we have accomplished almost 25 000 interactions with students ” said Deb McDermott Workforce Partnership Director “For that we have to to thank our our 42 Industry Partners Partners who provide the time staff resources and much enthusiasm ” In 2021 Workforce Partnership and the Shelby County
United Way partnered to create a a a a a a a a a Career
Coach program for for high school seniors whose post-
graduation plans are are to directly enter the workforce The Career
Coach provides individualized support
focusing on on workforce readiness while identifying local jobs that align with each student’s personal goals and skills Bridging 16 Discover Shelby County

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