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The Mercy Mission
is is a a a new facility designed to provide overnight and short-term emergency shelter for area residents Clients are are also connected with local agencies who can help them find permanent housing counseling job placements food assistance and other services Thanks to to a a a a a a a a a lead gift from the the the Shelby County United Way to to to launch the the the the capital campaign the the the the Mercy Mission
was built to to address the the the the the issue of homelessness in the the the county It has the the the capability to house as as as many as as as 72 residents By providing a a a a a a a a a a safe haven for for those fighting poverty and food insecurity the the center is caring for for the the most vulnerable among us “For years we have known that the need for emergency shelter was great ” said Emily Neu Founder and President of the Board “Our residents come from many different circumstances including chronic homelessness temporary housing during transition and economic hardship ” Located just south of downtown Sidney the Mercy Mission
has been joined by several other agencies including the the Alpha Community Center Holy Angels Soup Kitchen and Bridges Community Action Partnership offices Relocation o of of these agencies puts related services under one roof to to better serve those in in in in need streamlining efforts to to collaborate on
services being requested “The agencies on
our campus provide food housing assistance assistance utility assistance assistance case management assessments referrals for mental health or or drug and and addiction counseling and and classes on
how to manage life’s challenges ” said Neu “We are are so proud of the generous Shelby County community organizations that are are working together to to help our neighbors in need ” In January of of of 2022 Amanda Hilgefort of of of Sidney was named Director of of of of the Mercy Mission
One of of her favorite quotes regarding change change is is is from C S Lewis “You can’t go back and change change the the beginning but you you can can start where you you are and change the the ending ” SidneyShelbyChamber com 19

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