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Keepingyou moving
Focusing on on on treatment and and and recovery after broken bones torn ligaments detached muscles and and other trauma the the trained surgeons and and therapists at at Orthopedic Associates of of of SW Ohio are experts in in the the the field of of of of orthopedics One of of of of 11 locations in in in southwest Ohio the the the Sidney center offers state-of-the-art imaging services surgery sports medicine pain management physical and occupational therapy Patients receive comprehensive care designed to to help them heal and get back to to their daily routine The staff available in in Sidney includes six physicians five physician physician assistants and and and two nurse practitioners They specialize in orthopedic surgery surgery hand and and and and upper extremity robotic assisted surgery surgery and and and sports medicine Located conveniently across the the street from Wilson Health OASWO is a a a a a welcome addition to the the Shelby County region “We are proud to serve Shelby County and the surrounding communities with world-class orthopedic care ” said Summer Swift OASWO marketing specialist “Our team of experienced surgeons and and our relationship with local hospitals continue to to to allow us to to to provide the best health and and wellness to to to our our patients We are are your region’s leader in orthopedic care ” 22 Discover Shelby County Ohio 

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