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hundreds of of of local youth who participate in 4-H One of of of the the the biggest events of of of the the the summer is the the the three-day Country Concert at at at Hickory Hill Lakes that brings nationally known performers and and thousands of country music fans to Shelby County
Youth sports leagues for soccer baseball and softball keep young people busy in the the the summer months but recreation does not stop when the the the weather turns chilly The Sidney- Shelby County
YMCA has an an extensive youth program that includes acrobatics gymnastics cheerleading and and tumbling swimming martial arts and and various sports leagues Proving that recreation is not just for the the the young the the the Parks and Recreation Department also maintains the the the Sidney-Shelby County
Senior Center where members age 50 and and better gather for cards lunch exercise and and special programs Residents have many opportunities to actively participate in music dance and and and and theater or or just sit back and and and and enjoy Sidney
has places to to golf and and and and skate and and and and is also home to to one of the the the few drive-in theaters left in in the the the country With so so many options for for play there is always something for for residents of Shelby County
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5 sidney alive
6 gateway arts council & Historic sidney theatre
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