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The The Sidney Sidney Sidney Music and and Arts Festival is is is is a a a summer community block
party sponsored by the Historic Sidney Sidney Theatre and Sidney Sidney Alive an an an organization whose mission is is to to nurture the the the growth of downtown Sidney In 2022 the the the Festival is planned for June 17-18 the the the same weekend that GOBA (Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure) will be in town The Sidney Civic Band will kick off the weekend with one o of its traditional Friday night concerts on on on on the the Courthouse square Saturday brings the the Great Sidney Farmer’s Market United Way KidsZone with games activities and and the crafts of talented artists and and makers Downtown restaurants and and food food trucks will will provide lots of food food and and drink to to satisfy the taste buds There will will be two entertainment stages featuring a a a a a a a a a variety of music and and performers throughout the day and and evening In 2021 the the the first “Sidney’s Got Talent” competition held in the the the the theatre drew performers from all over the the the area to compete for for cash prizes and bragging rights This year organizers hope this display of talent on Saturday evening will be be even even bigger and better AConnected 30 Discover Shelby County Ohio 

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