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Peddling to PRIDE
in our PARKS
Discover Shelby County Ohio Photo Courtesy of Sidney Visitors Bureau
The The Great Miami Miami River River is is a a a a a a a a a a a a tributary of of the the Ohio Ohio River River that runs for 160 miles through southwestern Ohio Ohio and Indiana The The 99-mile stretch that links the communities of Sidney Piqua Troy Tipp City Dayton West Carrollton Miamisburg Franklin Middletown and Hamilton is is known as the Great Miami Riverway Sidney is is the the the the trailhead of the the the the Great Miami Riverway and and along the the the the waterway is is the the the the nation’s largest paved trail trail network Popular with walkers and and bikers alike the paved trail trail provides wonderful access to to wildlife and and flora as as well as as historic sites restaurants and and shops along the the the the way Sidney is is currently working to to complete the the the the northernmost leg of the the the the paved trail 

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