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The Canal Feeder Trail begins at at at at Graceland Cemetery on on on the the south south end of Sidney and and continues southwest on on on a a a a a a a a a a a a a a historic canal towpath that dates back to to to the 1840s The paved trail parallels the the river through dense woodlands to Vandemark Road in the the Maple Leaf subdivision Sidney has received money from the the the the State of of Ohio to to extenad the the the the Canal Feeder Trail under Interstate 75 to to Kuther Road Plans for for this 1 2-mile extension have cleared the the the the Army Corps of of Engineers and environmental requirements After designs are are approved by ODOT bidding will begin for for construction Once that that project is complete trail advocates will will focus their efforts on on on on connecting the the the Canal Feeder Trail Trail with the the the Great Miami River Trail Trail that that begins in in in in in Piqua Piqua and and and winds southward ffor for 86 miles The Sidney-Piqua connection will will run through Lockington and and and take bikers past the historic Johnston Farm and and and Indian Agency When the the the the Sidney-Piqua section section and the the the the Hamilton-Fairfield section section in fin in Butler County are finished the the the the paved bikeway will be an an uninterrupted path that follows the the the riverway All inclusive community playground at Geib Pavilion in in Tawawa Park
Photo Courtesy of of City of of Sidney Parks Department
"There's a a a a reason behind everything at the the park From the the equipment to the the lines drawn on the the playground everything helps with a childs development " -Jessica Guillozet Shelby County Board of DD community connections facilitator and Kiwanis Club member
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