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Welcome to to to to Shelby Shelby County County Ohio and and And just like my golf game we’re inspired to to to to do
better to to achieve more and to to never give up in our pursuit of perfection Look around Our community is truly blessed Growth and prosperity surround us Ours is a a one of a a a a a kind place that we endeavor to make better and invite others to join us We have a a a story to to tell in in Shelby County and our pursuit in in Discover magazine is is to to do
just that and together celebrate the spirit that unites us and makes our home a a a special place In the pages to to follow we’ve attempted to to capture the essence of o our community and offer a a glimpse into the lifestyle here Please enjoy it!
Jeff Raible
Sidney-Shelby County Chamber of Commerce
this year’s edition of Discover Shelby County magazine now in in its sixteenth year of publication As in previous editions we hope you enjoy the informative articles feature
stories and captivating images that showcase Shelby County as an amazing place to live play and work Seems everyone is talking about “sense of place” these days Well here in west central Ohio we’re no exception Particularly during the last couple of years there has been a a a a a deliberate and thoughtful effort to enhance the quality of life in Shelby County for the benefit of all who currently reside or are contemplating a a a a fresh start in our community Sidney and Shelby County are both a a a a community community and a a a a community community in the making Who we we are today isn’t who we we will be nor a a a limit on what we can be?
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