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Discover Shelby County Ohio
The Great Ohio
Bicycle Adventure (GOBA) is set to to return to to Sidney in in 2022 After a a a a a a two- year hiatus because of the the pandemic bicycling enthusiasts from all over the the country are excited to to take to Ohio
roadways once again Sidney did host a a a a a a scaled-down Western Ohio
Bicycle Adventure (WOBA) in 2021 as a a a a a a a one-year replacement for the the statewide event The 2022 GOBA will visit the the same cities in west central Ohio
as WOBA did – Sidney Wapakoneta and Troy Scheduled for June 18-25 2022 GOBA is is a a a a a a a a week-long tour tour not a a a a a a a a a a a a race Cyclists average about 50 miles a a a a a a a a a a a a day allowing time to to to to to stop at at tourist destinations along the the way way Unlike some other bike tours GOBA is is a a a a a a a a a a loop always ending its route in in in in the the first day’s departure city Overnight stops have tent camping in in in in fairgrounds schools and and parks with showers restrooms and and concessions Host cities often add special entertainment food and amenities to to make visits memorable “Sidney is is is is thrilled to to be serving as the start/finish location for this year’s Great Ohio
Bicycle Adventure ” said Jeff Raible Executive Director of the Sidney Visitors Bureau “We have a a a a a wonderful downtown
music and and and arts festival planned for Friday and and and Saturday nights accompanied by the warm and and and friendly hospitality our community is known for ” Started in in 1989 GOBA features a a a a a a a a a different different part part of Ohio
each year enabling participants to visit different different communities and and absorb the culture and and scenery of various areas The abbreviated 2021 event was limited to to 500 500 participants but GOBA usually has up to to 1 1 500 500 cyclists from around the world “GOBA has showcased local communities across
for over 30 years ” said Jeff Stephens Director of GOBA “Touring by by bicycle allows participants to to really engage in in the warmth and unique experiences offered by by communities like Sidney GOBA participants recognize and and and appreciate the city’s hosting efforts and and and respond in-kind by supporting local businesses and and and organizations GOBA is thrilled to extend its stay in in in in in in Sidney for an an additional day in 2022 ” GOBA is sponsored by Columbus Outdoor Pursuits a a a a volunteer-driven non-profit organization devoted to providing inclusive opportunities for outdoor recreation and and adventure Its focus is on on on the the health of of participants responsible enjoyment of of the the outdoors and and engagement with local communities 

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