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Sidney Sidney Shelby Shelby Chamber
Truly the the heartland of of of America Shelby County
is within 600 miles of of of 53% of of of the the United States population Although manufacturing dominates the the headlines agriculture is still an an essential part of the the local economic climate The largest commodities grown here are corn and soybeans In 2013 to build and sustain a a a strong workforce in in the the region the the Sidney-Shelby Sidney-Shelby County
Economic Partnership Sidney-Shelby Sidney-Shelby County
of o Commerce and local government officials combined efforts to establish the Workforce Partnership o of Shelby County
Supported by by over 40 business partners this career awareness program works with middle and and high school students to educate them about local industries and and the the the the skills they will need to to succeed in in the the future job market From recreational vehicles to to salad mix Shelby County
is is home to to to an an an an endless list of companies that make things Numerous tool and die manufacturers abound along with companies that specialize in in in food products containers auto parts architectural design and and and construction sportswear and and and publications for hobbyists and and and collectors There is no end to to the diversity of things that are made There here Shelby County’s commitment to to to hard
Sidney Visitors Bureau
Experience Sidney 3 entrepreneurial spirit in the air 4
career counseling for middleschool thru adulthood
Meet Our Residence
innovation and product development is is second to none Scan to see more
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