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Located in in in in in in in Fort Loramie Lincoln Electric
Automation is representative of the innovative cutting-edge companies that call Shelby County home Leading the the industry in in in in automated solutions for the the automotive aerospace appliance HVAC and energy markets Lincoln Electric
provides engineering services that that deliver fully integrated turnkey automation solutions that that are high high high powered high high high efficiency and highly flexible to to to meet customer’s needs Formerly known as Wayne Trail Lincoln Electric
is ideally situated to service a a a a a a a a a number of local industries as as well as as throughout the region with 174 employees and approximately 110 000 square feet of manufacturing space The company specializes in in in Press Automation Automation Robotics and Welding Tube Process Automation Automation Automation Laser Systems Hydroform Automation Automation and Build-to-Print Manufacturing Services “Our region is is heavy in in in industrial needs ” said Chris McHenry General Manager of Lincoln Automation “We can provide automation solutions that will bring higher output and and efficacy to to to our current
and and and potential customers We are proud that we can bring together the the people skills and and resources necessary to to meet that goal ” As an an A3 Robotics company Lincoln Electric
provides leadership coordination administration communication and and education for the the development of standards in in in the the robotics industry As industrial robots become more more more advanced more more more capable and more more more popular in in in in all manufacturing settings these certified companies are leading the the way
in in in in guaranteeing that safety standards increase exponentially SidneyShelbyChamber com 57

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