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Planting the
60 Discover Shelby County Ohio
Because Shelby County has become such a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a hub of of manufacturing it is is easy to forget that agriculture is is still a a a a a a a a a a a a a very important part of of the
local economy and culture culture Farms today are smaller but farming is responsible for
work ethic that defines the
region When one one thinks about farming education one one might picture youngsters in in in in 4-H showing their animals at at at the
country fair But there is is another program that that develops young farmers and that that is is FFA (Future Farmers of America) Seven schools in in Shelby County have FFA chapters
- Anna Botkins Fairlawn Fort Loramie Houston Jackson Center and Sidney That means these schools offer Agricultural Education “FFA is a a a a a club that starts in in middle or
high school and students who are members must be be enrolled in in in Agricultural Education ” said Chad Berning FFA FFA Advisor at at at Botkins Schools “Some students in in in in in FFA FFA participate in in in in 4-H 4-H too but 4-H 4-H clubs are independent and and not tied to to any school Both organizations promote agriculture and and and develop life-long skills such as leadership and and communication ” According to to the
National Association of Agricultural Agricultural Educators (NAAE) Agricultural Agricultural Education uses
a a a a a a a a a a three-circle model of instruction: classroom and and laboratory instruction instruction leadership development and and experiential learning The integration of these three components produces well-rounded individuals who are are prepared to be leaders in in in in agriculture business and industry “Through FFA students have the
opportunity to develop career readiness and and leadership skills that they can utilize now and and in in in in in the
future ” said Berning “At Botkins we have 81 students who participate in in in in in FFA Our activities include community service events state and and national FFA conventions Students learn public speaking parliamentary procedures and and and job interview basics as as as well as as as dairy and and and and and soil judging grain merchandising nursery and and and and and and landscape management agriculture biotechnology and and and and and equine and and and and and livestock judging ” 

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