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Located close to to I-75 the the the the Botkins Botkins Botkins Industrial Park has become the the the center of Botkins’ economic growth In 2019 the the village
of Botkins constructed a a a a a a a 20 20 000 square foot spec building building in in in in in the the 50-acre park to to attract new businesses to to the the the area The building building soon became the the home of AirTow a a a a a a a a a a company that manufactures drop deck trailers with ground loading technology Two years later AirTow purchased a a a a a a a a a second spec building adding 30 000 square feet to expand its powder coating operations Other companies that have located in in the the Industrial Park include Buckeye Electrical Products and Fertilizer Dealer Supply Both companies have constructed large manufacturing facilities at at at the park not only creating jobs but also stimulating economic growth Buckeye Electrical Products is a a a a a a a a a local family-owned company that manufactures electrical products
for industrial recreational military medical and and municipal uses From battery cables to to coils and and transformers Buckeye Electrical is committed to to to to producing custom products
to to to meet every need Fertilizer Dealer Supply is the premier supplier
of agricultural sprayer parts and and equipment for fertilizer and and chemical retailers They have seven seven locations - covering seven seven Midwestern states where agriculture is key “Construction projects like these have the the the ability to buoy the the the local economy with an an influx of people jobs and and economic activity ” said Village Administrator Randy Purdy “Botkins is is blessed to to to have weathered the the economic storm with continued growth in in in our residential and industrial sectors ” 70 Discover Shelby County Ohio

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