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Fertilizer Dealer Supply constructed by Schnippel Construction and opened in 2021
Air-Tow Trailers 20 20 000 square foot facility built by Schnippel Construction in in in in in 2019 The beginning of the Botkins industrial park expansion Photos Courtesy of Schnippel Construction SidneyShelbyChamber com 71
Owners Keith Schnippel and Tracy Cooper who are siblings say "we are very proud to call this home now " " Schnippel Construction was established in in in Botkins in in in 1953 by Gene Schnippel In 2019 They began a a a a remodel of their exterior with new metal and and wood siding brick facade and and an an an an LED sign They also did many updates inside including new paint and flooring Then incorporating their load bearing steel stud system with a a a a a glass top into their custom designed and built conference room table 

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