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Shelby County
and surrounding areas offer a a a a a a a a variety o of educational opportunities for families with children as as as as well well as as as as adult learners Open enrollment public and and private school school systems as as as as well well as as as as technical and and and trade school school options provide individuals and and and families with many choices for elementary secondary secondary and and post- secondary learning In addition to the the educational component the the traditions and and pageantry of of high school athletic and and music programs are a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a strong part of of the the hometown pride that that characterizes the the communities that that make up Shelby County
With increased emphasis on on career readiness schools in in in in the area are are are are focused on on preparing young people to to develop job skills that are are are needed to to fill positions here here Countless graduates of local educational systems settle and and and raise families here here and and and contribute to the the economic growth and and and vitality of the the the area The schools are are well-supported by local industry to build a a a a strong workforce for for the the future Shelby County
has eight public school districts offering K-12 education The largest system Sidney City Schools serves roughly 3 500 students in in six
buildings Restructuring of the the school school system in in in in the the 2019-20 school school school year consolidated K-2 students into two buildings and and added a a a a a a a a a a a preschool in in in in in a a a a a a a a a a a separate building building building Third and and and fourth graders are together in in in in in one building building and and Sidney Sidney Middle School houses grades grades 5-8 Students in in grades grades 9-12 attend Sidney Sidney High School Seven smaller public-school systems serve the communities of Anna Botkins Fairlawn Fort Loramie Houston Jackson Center and Russia Known
in in athletics as as the the Shelby County
League these school districts have small class sizes and caring atmospheres that foster high academic achievement Sidney City and the Shelby County
public schools have continued to to to upgrade facilities technology
and curriculum to to to to stay on on on top of the latest trends
in education so as to to to better prepare students for future studies and and career career options Secondary school students looking for a a a a a a a a a more hands-on career- oriented curriculum can enroll at at the Upper Valley Career Center (UVCC) located south of Sidney in Piqua Next to the UVCC UVCC campus is is Edison State Community College College which oversees College College Credit Plus courses in most Shelby County
high schools SidneyShelbyChamber com 9 

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