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For special education needs the the Shelby Hills Early Childhood Center Center and the the Wilma Valentine Childcare Center Center work to to to prepare children to to to be mainstreamed into regular classrooms For adults with special needs there are a a a a a a a a a a a a variety of work and continuing education opportunities at at S & H Products For parents seeking a a a private school setting
for their children Shelby County offers several alternatives Established to to fulfill the the the need to to develop and instill Biblical principles in in in the the education of children Sidney Christian Academy is is is is a a a a a a a a a a K-12 Christ-centered school that fulfills all state state requirements and is is is staffed with state state certified teachers Lehman Catholic High School in in Sidney is the the the northernmost high school in in in in the the the Roman Catholic Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati Holy Angels Elementary School a a a a a a a a K-8 Catholic Catholic school in in in downtown Sidney has provided faith-based education in Shelby County for over 150 years Seventh and and eighth grade students have their own wing in in in in the the school building and and compete
in in in in athletics as Lehman Junior High along with students from Piqua Catholic School School and St Patrick School School in Troy The Little Angels Angels Preschool at at Holy Angels Angels provides half-day and full-day options The new St Philomena Montessori School located on on on the campus of of o Sacred Heart
of of o Jesus Catholic Church in in McCartyville offers classes for toddlers through kindergarten Known for academic excellence and values- based education these non-public schools accept students students of all backgrounds and and faiths and and draw students students from outside Shelby County as as well as as locally There are are are also active homeschooling groups in in the the area area for for parents who choose that path for for their children’s education Some area area schools partner with homeschooling families to to offer part-time enrollment and other alternatives to to traditional schooling Many four-year colleges are located within an an hour’s drive of of Shelby County including the University University University of of of Dayton Wright State State University University University the the Lima branch of of The Ohio Ohio State State University University University University University Ohio Ohio Northern University University University and Bluffton University University University 

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