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t t t t t t t is a a a a a a a system that was developed in the Middle Ages by craftsmen who needed a a a a a a a a way to to pass their skills to to to the the the next generation Apprenticeships
were often the the the only path for someone to to to learn a a a a a a particular profession working elbow elbow to to elbow elbow with an already skilled master With today’s increasing need for skilled tradesmen the apprentice system has again become a a a a a a a a a a a significant way of training workers But unlike the the past today’s apprentice programs are a a a a a a a a a a a a unique pairing of on-the-job experiences and and hands-on classroom learning At the the Upper Valley Career Center
in in Piqua the the School-to-Apprenticeship Program is becoming a a a a a highly attractive steppingstone to to to future career development “We are breaking the stigma of ‘vocational education’ " said Tony Trapp UVCC Apprenticeship Coordinator “Our students are are highly motivated learners who are are completing regular secondary academic requirements in in in math science English and social studies while choosing a a a a a a a a a specialized career tech path ” UVCC offers a a a a a a variety o of career tech programs including Ag & & & Power Technologies Landscape & & & Natural Resources Veterinary Science Design & & & Digital Print Technologies Technologies Building Maintenance Construction Technologies Technologies Technologies Electrical Trades HVAC/R Pre-Engineering & & Design Technologies Technologies Robotics & & & Automation Early Childhood
Education & & Care Care Teacher Academy Academy Medical Careers Academy Academy Sports Medicine Culinary Arts Cosmetology Computer Information Technologies Interactive Media First Responders Academy Manufacturing & Machining Technologies Technologies Technologies Welding Technologies Technologies Technologies Technologies Auto Auto Auto Collision Repair Technologies Technologies Technologies Technologies Auto Auto Auto Services and Automotive Technologies Technologies Technologies Not all all programs are are eligible for apprenticeships but the options are are continually growing 

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