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All the the the career tech programs include hands-on learning in in in in in in the the the classrooms on on on campus but there is no better training than actually being on on a a a a a a a a a a a job site with experienced mentors It is also a a a a a a a a a a a a way for employers to to to connect with job candidates and and know that their future workers are being trained to to meet the the needs of new and and emerging crafts and and trades Students who apply for a a a a a a a work-based program have three options The Apprenticeship Program is a a a a a a a a two week on/off full-time rotation Students apply at at the end o of junior junior year and must have have passed all junior junior classes with a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a minimum 2 5+ GPA have have a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 95% attendance rate and and reliable transportation to their job have recommendations from from teachers and and and support from from from parents They must find and and and interview for for a a a a a a a job from from a a a a a a a participating employer and and begin working full-time during the the the summer before their senior year When school school starts they follow an an alternating schedule of two two weeks weeks at at at school school and two two weeks at at work “We feel like our students who are are in the the Apprenticeship Program are are the the the cream of of the the the crop ” said Trapp “Culture is such a a a a a a a a a a a big part of of work work and as our students move from the the the workplace back to the the the classroom they bring that real world experience with them They receive evaluations from their employers at at the the the the end of each two-week work work period This opens up discussion so when they they return to work work after two two weeks in the the the the classroom they they are are more more prepared and ask more more questions This helps them gradually mature into the work environment ” Students are also collecting a a a a a a paycheck making the the experience even more real The 90 students in in in the the program last year made over $2 million while learning on the job A A second option for senior year is Advanced Placement the the more traditional approach of of a a a a a a a a a a a blended schedule of of classroom academics in in in the the the morning and and work in in in in the the afternoon Students must complete junior year career tech classes find and and secure a a a a a a a a job with a a a a a a a a participating employer and be on track to graduate In the the the second semester of the the the senior year students may apply for the the the third option – Early Placement These students have completed all required graduation credits and are are employed full-time in a a a a a a a a a a a a job related to to their career tech program They may attend school in in the the the morning to to fulfill academic requirements but are then released for employment “In 1999 we started this program with eight students and and and it it it was very limited ” said Trapp “We offered construction trades electrical and and and HVAC and and and students only had the the afternoon work option The program gradually evolved to the the the the two weeks on/off because the the the the employers wanted them all all day Most work work sites get going early in in in in in the the the the the morning so working just a a a a a a a a half day in in in in the the the afternoon didn’t benefit the the the companies Now if a a a a a a a a a company employs two two students we we rotate their schedules so that one works two two weeks while the the the the the the other is in in the the the the the the classroom That way the the the the the company has one worker filling a a a a a a a position all the the the the the time ” Naomi Baker UVCC Career Placement Specialist stresses that the the focus is is is is always on what is is is is best for the the the the student student “We work with local school school districts
so the the the the students are still part of their own schools ” she said “This is is is is not a a a a a competition with the the the the home schools This This is is is is finding the the the best fit for each student ” Baker has been working to to to add medical careers to to to the the School-to-Apprenticeship Program “We did a a a a a a a a a a a a pilot last year year with four students and this year year we have 16 ” said Baker “They will all need further education in in medical fields but we are still building the the foundation and creating pathways to opportunity ” Although UVCC graduates often find themselves moving immediately into the the the workforce some do continue their studies at at at a a a a a a a a two-year or or or four-year university especially in in in fields that require addditional schooling SidneyShelbyChamber com 23

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