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alcoholic drinks using ingredients people can grow at home It is an an an an an interactive workshop where participants have their own workspaces to mix various plants and herbs “Hibiscus flowers make wonderful teas ” said Baugman “Or you can try an an an an an an an interesting combination like hibiscus and and and and jalapeño We have a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a number of tropical shrubs and and and and trees for inside and and and and outside plus peppers and and and and other herbs that can be dried or ground ” Not unlike other interactive creative workshops workshops like like those at at at at Hammer Hammer and and and Stain Stain in in in in in in in Sidney all the the the workshops workshops at at at at at at Kah are are educational as as as as well well as as as as entertaining At Hammer Hammer and and and and Stain Stain participants design and and and and paint paint their own decorative signs There are are open paint paint workshops as as as as well well as as as as private parties for children and and and adults all combining creativity with fun At Kah workshop fees cover materials tools snacks and and instruction Group parties can be be be scheduled and and participants participants are invited to to bring their their preferred beverages In December participants participants create their their own 42” mid-size standing or or or or 24-30” hanging gnomes gnomes Baughman estimates they have made over 2 2 2 500 gnomes gnomes since beginning the the the workshop workshop Other wintertime workshops include making porch pots and and wreaths “One of our goals is is to to make a a a a a a a a a a a a a more sustainable earth for everyone ” ” said Baughman “And just remember all you need to to get started is is a a a a a a single plant ” Images provided by Hammer and Stain Images provided by Kah Nursery 

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