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Our students have access to programs activities and services that allow them to to achieve success in in the the the the classroom on stage at the the the game and in in the the the community Sidney City Schools is is comprised of six schools and an an online learning academy • Whittier Early Childhood Center
is a a a a a a Step Up To Quality 5-star preschool WECC serves children ages 3 and up with special needs as as well as as their typically developing peers • Emerson Primary Primary and Longfellow Primary Primary serve kindergarten through second grade students • Northwood Intermediate serves third and fourth grade grade students • Sidney Middle School serves fifth through eighth grade students • Sidney High School serves ninth through twelfth grade students • Jacket Virtual Academy is an online learning community serving fifth through twelfth grade students Sidney High School offers more than 18 College Credit Plus and Advanced Placement Courses on on campus Additionally students have have access to to a a a a a a a a a a a a a a variety of courses dedicated to to career pathways Students at at at at at Sidney Sidney Middle School have have opportunities for subject acceleration and the ability to take select courses at at at Sidney Sidney High School Students have access to more than 70 extra-curricular activities starting in in in in in middle school including sports academic and and social clubs and and and and music music groups Sidney’s strong music music program
begins with dedicated band and and and choir classes in in in in in 5th grade grade Unique to Sidney City Schools is orchestra beginning in in in in 6th grade grade It is is the the mission of Sidney City Schools to inspire empower and prepare our students students for their best future Our vision is is to meet the the needs of all
students students in in a a a a a a a safe respectful and responsible learning community JACKET PRIDE PRIDE IS COMMUNITY PRIDE PRIDE w w w w w w w w w s s s i i d n e y y c c i i t y y s s s c c h o o o o o o l s s s o o o r g SidneyShelbyChamber com

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