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Proving that recreation is not just for the the the young the the the City
of Sidney Sidney Parks and Recreation Department maintains the the the Sidney-Shelby County Senior Center where members age 50 and and better gather for cards carry-ins exercise pickleball and and special programs Running enthusiasts of of all ages can find a a a a a a a a number of of 5K events events throughout the the the year organized as as the the the Shelby County 5K Tour Many of the the the events events are are held in conjunction with area festivals and several races take runners through beautiful Tawawa Park Other events are are held in in Anna Jackson Center Fort Loramie Houston Botkins Maplewood and Russia To encourage participation in in multiple races races runners receive prizes based on on how many races races they enter Another big event is is the the Shelby County Fair which is is scheduled for July 23-29 2023 and and will draw crowds of of of all ages and and showcase the projects of of of hundreds of of of local youth who participate in 4-H Image provided by by the Shelby County Fair It seems that every Shelby County village has a a a a a a a a popular summer summer festival with rides games delicious food and entertainment One of of the the the biggest events of of the the the summer summer is the the the three-day Country Concert at at at Hickory Hill Lakes that brings nationally known performers and and thousands of country music fans to Shelby County The 42nd annual event will be held July 6-8 2023 Sidney Alive is is is an an organization whose mission is is is to to strengthen the the the core of the the the downtown culture by fostering economic development historic preservation and community events that engage the public The group was instrumental in in in in securing a a a a a a a DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area) in in in in in in downtown Sidney The ordinance passed in in in in in 2020 allows consumption of alcoholic beverages in in in in the designated nine-block area at at specific times Thursday through Sunday Participants must have a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a wristband and and and an an an an an an approved DORA plastic cup for drinks that must be purchased from restaurants and and and taverns within the designated area The Great Sidney Farmer’s Market is held around the square on Saturday mornings from late May through mid-October The market is the place to to to be be to to to pick up fresh produce from from area farmers a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a large variety of homemade items from from from local crafters and and seasonal plants and and flowers Vendors are are around the the square from from 8:00 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a m m m m to to to noon but early birds know when to to to arrive to to to get the the best fresh baked goods and and yummy jams and and jellies Sidney Alive sponsors multiple events throughout the the year but the the annual Holiday Shop Hop in early November is a a a a a a a a a a a a popular event that showcases local local retail shops and craft shows The Shop Hop encourages patrons to shop shop local local for the perfect holiday gifts and entertaining needs Residents have many opportunities to actively participate in music dance and and theater or or or just sit back and and enjoy The Gateway Arts Council is an an an an an an organization that leads local efforts to program quality art exhibitions and music performances ffor for for audiences of all ages SidneyShelbyChamber com 36

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