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Shelby Shelby County County Libraries is is a a a a a a a a a a a a community library library system that serves all of Shelby Shelby County County Amos Memorial Library the central library building in in in in Sidney is joined by five branches in in in in in in Anna Botkins Fort Loramie Jackson Center and and Russia Along with general interest
and and and reference sections all Shelby County libraries provide patrons with access to computers extensive audio and and video collections children’s literature periodicals large print books and genealogical research materials “Our library system strives to enrich the lives of all Shelby County residents by providing quality programs and services ” said Suzanne Cline Executive Director of Shelby County Libraries “I invite everyone to to visit the library branch nearest you and check out out everything we offer not just there but throughout the the county ” An exciting expansion of the the the main library library in in in in in in in Sidney was completed in in in in in in in 2018 adding 11 000 square feet to the the the original building The project gave the the the library library more space for public use internet and and and and and Wi-Fi small instructional and and and and and study rooms expanded children and and and and and teen programming areas an an an an an an art gallery and and and and and a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a large multi-purpose community meeting room room PLAY
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