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There are are plenty of of of new places to eat and shop throughout the the the area but there is something special about the the the the iconic businesses that
have been part of of the the fabric of of Shelby County for generations Probably the the the oldest establishment in the the the county
is is The Spot Spot restaurant on the the the the southwest corner
of the the square in downtown Sidney In 1907 Spot Spot Miller came to to to town town and set up his chuckwagon on on the the corner
A more permanent structure was built in in in in in in 1934 in in in in in in the the the same location The Spot Catering business began in in in in in in in the the 1950s and and continues today The Spot’s burgers onion rings and and homemade pies are a a a a a a a a a Sidney tradition just like the art deco style diner atmosphere and neon sign that
greets customers proclaiming “The Spot to to Eat ”
On the the the the southeast corner
of of the the the the square is Ron & Nita’s the the the the longest continuous location of of a a a a a a a shoe store store in in in Ohio Opened in in in 1864 as Burkhart’s Shoes the store store kept that
name for 100 years until it became Kayser’s Shoes in in in 1964 Ron McCrum purchased the the store store in in in 1986 and and after his his passing his his wife Nita Nita took over and and still runs the the store store today Ron & Nita’s carries a a a a a a a a a full line of shoes for the the entire family as as as well as as as boots work clothes scrubs and casual men’s wear Down the the block on Main Street is the the Alcove a a a a a a a a a family-owned restaurant that
serves breakfast and and lunch Known for its farm-fresh meats and and and eggs oversized portions pies baked daily and and burgers that
overflow the the buns the the Alcove has been a a a a a a a a a a a staple in Sidney as as as long as as as anyone can remember Founded in in in Indiana in in in 1965 Clancy’s Hamburgers looks like a a a a a a a a a typical fast-food joint but the the Sidney restaurant offers so much more Besides the the regular burgers and fries Clancy’s serves up a a a a a a a a a different dinner special like meatloaf chopped steak or tenderloin every night of the week week and fried chicken on weekends Known for for its breakfasts Clancy’s is a a a a a a a favorite morning spot for for anyone who likes freshly made sausage eggs and hotcakes Images provided by Clancy's of Sidney 42
Discover Shelby County Ohio Images provided by The Spot Restaurant

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