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Gateway Arts Council
One of the the the most influential arts organizations in in Shelby County is the the Gateway Arts Council
(GAC) Dedicated to fostering the the enrichment and and growth of of artistic and and cultural experiences for the the the benefit of of the the the Northern Miami Valley region the the the the the GAC actively and fully engages the the the community with a a a a a a a a a a a a a a combination of visual arts performances music educational programs and support “Our goal is to to to bring a a a a a a a full palette of the arts to to to our area ” said Ellen Keyes GAC Executive Director “In doing so we give our citizens access to to to the the arts that otherwise might not be possible without traveling to to a a a a a a a a a major metropolitan area ” The GAC brings high-caliber professional entertainment to to the the Sidney High School Auditorium each year through its flagship series series the the Presents Series This series series generally has four or five programs each season and and draws audiences from across Ohio and and many other states A variety of nationally-known entertainers like The The Osmond Brothers BJ Thomas Ricky Skaggs Melissa Manchester The The Canadian Brass Lonestar Maureen McGovern Jefferson Starship Rich Little Blood Sweat and and Tears and and others headline the the series each year Many of the concerts include an an educational component with artists providing workshops for students in in in area schools “We firmly believe that the educational piece
is essential to our our programming ” said Keyes “Through our our educational components we are fostering growth in in in artistic experiences for for our young people and building audiences for for the future ” Gateway Arts Council
firmly believes that the the education piece
of of the the organization is is essential to its programming One of of of which is is is Gateway's Music Matters Program The goal of of the program is is to provide music music students with not only instruments but additional music music music education and performance outlets Gateway Arts hosts music music lessons in in violin piano and voice Additionally scholarships for for private music lessons at at the the Ohio Northern Summer Music Camp are provided GAC’s Harmonica Program is a a a a a a a a unique resource for general music teachers to use in in third grade classrooms GAC provides harmonicas and instruction books for free to interested schools 

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