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Fun on the Farm
Their booth has been a a a a a a a a a a a a fixture at at the Farmers Market every summer for a a a a a a a a a a a a quarter century but Crossway Farms is is a a a a a a a family business that is is so much more From the the the the the the full range of fruits and and vegetables they they sell both at at the the the the the the market and and at at the the the the the the farm to to the the the the the the fall activities they they provide for families Crossway Farms continues to to “grow” in more ways than one “We grow our our own tomatoes peppers green beans zucchini squash and and pumpkins ” said Courtney Diltz who runs Crossway Farms alongside her her parents Angie and and and Jason Frantom “But we partner with other local farms and and and and sources down south to to expand our our our selections and and and lengthen our our our season We have fruits like apples peaches pears melons cherries and and blueberries and and a a a a a a a a a complete range of vegetables from asparagus and and cucumbers to sweet corn and sugar snap peas ” Visitors to to the farm can also find local beef pork and and and chicken Amish Amish jams and and and and jellies Amish Amish noodles and and and and cheese dip mixes pickles eggs gourmet popcorn and and and kettle corn at the farm’s store “My mother had always brought goods to the the the Farmer's Market but then about 15 years ago she she started what she she called her ‘stay at at at home mom’ project – expanding our offerings and and and and inviting customers to to come and and and and shop at at the the the farm ” said Diltz “Dad manages the the the the planting and and and and and tends the the the the crops but it is mom who handles all the the ordering and and and day-to-day operations ” 50 Discover Shelby County Ohio

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