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Industries Steinke Metal Fabricating and TNL Welding Shelby County is is also home to Amos Media publisher
of of Coin World Cars & Parts Linn’s Stamp News and and a a a a a a a a a a a number of of other hobby and and collectors’ magazines that are distributed worldwide Food Food industries found here include Freshway Foods supplier of of fresh cut produce Schwan’s Mama Rosa’s LLC manufacturer of of of refrigerated pizza and and frozen foods and and and Agrana Fruit US processor of of sweeteners flavored extracts and and syrups Although manufacturing dominates the the headlines agriculture is is still an an essential part of the the local economic climate The largest commodity grown here is is corn Soybeans are are a a a a a a a a a close second followed by pigs and hogs Cows are are also big business as the countryside is dotted with dairy farms Farming in in Shelby County is is well-established as as the area boasts 12 Sesquicentennial Family Family Farms Farms and 16 Century Family Farms The large soybean crop made Sidney a a a a a a a a a a a a a a logical location for Cargill an an an an an international food and agricultural company Begun as a a a a a a a a a a a a a a crush plant the Sidney operation is is one of only two fully integrated soybean-to-finished product Cargill plants in in in in North America Work at at the the busy plant plant starts in in in the the soybean soybean soybean crush area where truckloads of soybeans are are are separated into hulls hulls soybean soybean soybean soybean meal and soybean soybean soybean oil The The pure fiber hulls hulls are are used primarily for pet food and livestock feed The The meal is protein which Cargill sells to to to to customers who mix it it with other ingredients for livestock and poultry feed as as well as as pet food The oil that results from the the crushing is is is taken to to to the the refinery where it is is is processed into a a a a a a a finished product Bulk loadings of oil are sold primarily to to to food service businesses and several industrial users Much of the oil goes to to Cargill’s
packaging business where it it is packed strictly as soybean oil oil or or or blended with other oils like corn cotton or or canola In 2018 Cargill invested more than $10 million to install a a a a a a a state-of-the-art edible oil bottling line line at at its Sidney crush and refinery facility The line line uses the the most efficient bottling technology delivering an an an annual 75% capacity increase over previous lines It is also designed to reduce packaging material waste and use fully recyclable polyethylene terephthalate plastic Cargill is now moving forward with Project Buckeye a a a a a a a a $225 million project expansion that will provide the refined oil oil facility with a a a a a a a a a larger more direct supply of crude soybean oil oil Expected to be be fully operational
in in 2023 the expansion is providing jobs for local construction workers and and will enable Cargill to meet the the the growing demand for soy products around the world Given the the scope of agriculture in in in Shelby County it is is not surprising that there are are FFA
clubs in in in in in many county schools and almost 1 000 area youth involved in in in in 4-H Under the the jurisdiction of the the Ohio State University Extension Office 4-H is is a a a a a a a a year-round activity that has
its high point at at the the Shelby Shelby County County Fair Fair Members of the the the Shelby Shelby County County Junior Junior Fair Fair Fair Board develop important leadership skills while organizing the the Junior Junior Fair Fair each July Youngsters not only show animals but also enter projects in in in in in such diverse areas as as art clothing design and and sewing photography cooking and and and baking electronics robotics and and other science-related topics Farmers in in in the the area need not venture far to get the the latest technology Koenig Equipment in in in in in Botkins is a a a a a a a a a farm implement dealer that sells everything – combines tractors hay equipment equipment and and sprayers as as well as as equipment equipment for planting and and and and seeding They also supply parts and and and service and and and are committed to to educating their customers in in in the the the the precision agriculture that uses the the the the newest technologies for running equipment gathering data and managing today’s farm 60
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