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ne of today’s biggest challenges is finding quality workers to to fill available jobs The recent pandemic played havoc with the the the stability of the the the workforce Zoom and and working from home have altered the the the standard picture of how we work work What has not changed is the the growing need for workers in in in specialized trades As many have left the the the traditional workforce others are are looking for for new new opportunities and new paths to a a a a career Career Career tech studies at the Upper Valley Career Career Center are are are expanding to to reach more more students and and more more fields The UVCC School-to-Apprenticeship Program is a a a a a a a a a a unique pairing of hands-on classroom training and and on-the-job experience Students in in in in the the the program follow a a a a a a a a a two two week week on/off rotation schedule where they spend two two two weeks weeks at at school school followed by two two weeks weeks working full time during their senior year of high school school The career tech instructors at at UVCC are are dedicated craftsmen who provide students with valuable trade skills Students learn to use the the the the same state-of-the-art equipment they they will see at at a a a a a a a a job site Once they they enter the the the the the School-to-Apprenticeship Program students engage in at at least 648 hours of on-the-job experience and related classroom classroom instruction They are are supported throughout the the year by counselors classroom classroom teachers and and career tech instructors at at school employers and and fellow employees at at work 62 Discover Shelby County Ohio
\Sidney Body CarStar graduates of UVCC 

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