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TSmall Business WORK
he he he Shelby County region may be known as a a a a a center for for big industries but there are many opportunities for for small businesses businesses to thrive In
recent years there has been a a a a a a surge of o new businesses businesses offering products and and services New stores and and restaurants have opened encouraging people to to to go out to to eat drink and and shop shop Residents truly enjoy patronizing their neighbors and and shopping local When the the Alpha Center in in downtown Sidney moved into the the new Mercy Mission House space last year opportunity knocked The old Alpha Center building has now been renovated into a a a a a new event center called Vera Events Images provided by Vera Events 66 Discover Shelby County Ohio
“I “I always enjoyed event planning but a a a a a a a a a a a a space for it was lacking in in in in in in downtown ” ” said owner Emily Neu Neu “I “I saw a a a a a a a a a a a a a a way way to to to use use an an an empty building and and turn it it into something useful ” ” Neu Neu named it it after her her grandmother Vera who “always had such style all the the time ” Vera’s is ideal for bridal and and baby showers small wedding receptions grad parties and and and corporate meetings Patrons can bring in in in in their own food and and drink even alcohol as as long as as it it is not sold The space accomodates up to 125 with room for a a a a a a a a a dance floor 

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