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Arts and Culture
u   i s  hu u   i s g i e A  hu e a xpe xpe tands  g i e A r s v n o e t majestic venue that not only showcases captivating
tag t a s p h   h o     f i , r of artistic inspiration, offering exhibitions, workshops,
ram he  s
ent ram he   th  ag  th  an ri th  th  ri oo  h  f pri pri pri C p iti oun of iti oun oun urr cul their curriculum. These creative endeavors not only
 cult ion i e a a r creativity.
For those looking for hands-on artistic adventures,
ent Y
wood c i t e s e v r individuals can unleash their inner artisans through DIY
iv ll te
o e n l , e n l s  e,  l c tea Community Spirit
Shelby County stands out for its dedication to
b C a o a o u v t i a core. Here, neighbors are not just acquaintances, but
or  l yet meaningful interactions, like chatting over fences,
  a n t f k e g ha cha events.
y  dedicated doers
r or agencies, including
Big Brothers Big
Sisters, CASA/
GAL, Clear Creek
Farm, Shelby County
Arc, YMCA Child
Development Center,
Agape’ Distribution
Center, Catholic
Social Services,
Senior Center of
Sidney-Shelby County
and various others,
providing essential
se nu n genuine concern for one another's well-being, whether
se in ei n  t e  ne ng ma y h k d   s s i i l ma y se  lif  re e  ne nt ty ins County deeply rewarding for many.
  d t c g y  oun allure of small-town America, inviting dreamers and
doers alike to forge their paths towards fulfillment and
ei ed isto g  landmark bearing witness to the town's journey through
o m o t a hu m o t a , n t e tat enc t a , n t e b s growth, and the unbeatable spirit of its residents.
Image provided by Our Creative Marketplace
Image provided by Sidney-Shelby County YMCA
Image provided by BBBS

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