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14 Disco For Future Success
 va o t r r l r e f   es, images of rides, fried treats, and carnival games.
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Ho mind thi  F community.
The fair's dedication to education extends to specific programs
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1 nd sto  co the showcases, these events teach youth compassion,
rs  lle rs  roj roj Those venturing into livestock and agricultural areas find future
leadership and career pathways through collaborations with
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and a  o
exh o   u s s A l   t y   w exhibit their projects while nurturing responsibility, ownership,
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off uca ional objec l e i g o p s mm de fa ipa ntr commitment to community development.
1 ir  to   i  f P c       v a p t i s l l  4  4 ve  ci ci  deve  an erv l  et .
1 nd  nd  nto remarkable transformations as youth evolve into individuals
ex ab g the nto  co di more than project showcasing; it's about building confidence
and communication skills.
The 4-H programs take their commitment to youth development
a a o e i h a i k s   ls and  pr e i h a i k s   2   s s  in 200 projects, 4-H emphasizes the Eight Essential Elements,
 pr generosity among participants. Through hands-on, organized,
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n H o l h y d tu eadi ar ut th H t "4- as the "4-H Spark Expo." These initiatives provide invaluable
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