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men men ers e h a w   r o f s   p t.
rin p encourageme r r ff r r f t ust o
st r r ff r r f t m t e e o  progra om Shel ey Career  en na student success, many students being from Shelby County.
Interest surveys conducted by UVCC revealed strong support
  e x h a campus
oper xpe ani  at al l  h a i c d w e l u t us  li e l u t   u i ha ed ly et rom the v ith omm ath duc ini es d  t  omm ath iat ini d  li om mm  m iat nin  w iat nin tra ng  iri Con t s iri Con t s ali  an nd ona ali  an ali  an ona nd As Dr. Deb Stanfield, DVM, program instructor enthuses, "We
 a dents wi s, " h th iel tie tic  a  i  b too  pe e  co ms s  nt rge  i  b o r t l o r   t l v e l h y el  have taken the rm s  the ult im ing ing tun opportunity to practice their field of study. The class also cares
for a turtle and they raise 2 pigs each year.
n, ds gaining valuable hands-on experience essential for their
professional journey. Meticulous preparation preceding
surgeries instills professionalism and accountability, with
students overseeing surgical readiness.
s su l  surgery teaches them valuable organizational skills," notes
nfi div rg l th m i  t m i FFA programs countywide are shaping youth into future
t p f u c r d d u  W ip
cus tu ri  E cul Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE). These experiences,
S c u   p t   a foundation for career readiness.
s, stud nts gain sts ts  ill sts ts  ill g t t i n r t i e l a f u d   a i t i e l a f u d   a i   d u Ag e
U f
H uc FA ren University demonstrate how FFA alumni seamlessly transition
ar n  on agricultural education.
ie  ar and o crea ie ti nt or mi nd p  n i s e  way  s e ich
 th d
en n r u   u n   p e ncl eeds, pavi "The beautiful thing about 4-H is that everyone’s experience
s  u  s  u  th that youth gain through their involvement can vary based em en of  interests," remarks Katie Miller,
H  duc Cou Shelby County 4-H program.

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