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Open Seasonally
March - October
130 W. Russell Rd., Sidney
Are you 50 or better?
t w 2  304 S. West Ave., Sidney • (937) 492-5266
www.srcentersidney-shelby.comSocial icon
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Only use blue and/or white.
oci Brand Guidelines.
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Container Technologies
603 North Oak Street Sidney, Ohio 45365
Ph. 937.492.0961
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114 E. ade por ade por off por por on ife nd  workplaces.
Apply online at:
825 South Vandemark Road.
Sidney, OH 45365
The Robotic Welding Professionals
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We are family owned and operated, with two generations, decades
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weldi ricatio ri di ld ti  a ic anu  ot ili .
W ili s.
tfo in 0  tfo al  IG, weld stations MIG/TIG, Aluminum, Stainless, Steel, food grade
IG, lls Arm Tapping, Radial drills, Sherring, CNC Mill 50” x 20” travel,
lls ute 5x1 Quality and Consistancy
at Every Arc!
Have you ever thought about
outsourcing, to fill the gap with
the lack of welders?
and Robotic Welding - 2 Year mechanical degree.
- 50 Years of welding experience.
- 30 Years of projection and spot welding.
- r i p d . maintenance.
- 40 Years of fixture designing and building.
- CWI Training
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