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gh and this year’s edition of Discover
re Sh No Cou cel ee in ele ty.
 au d r  au d r  au d r  a d  his ce  wonderful place we call home.
ory at
2 Dis wa  t present. In these past several years we’ve
witnessed many notable community
transformations that those who grew up
ard These quality of life improvements
hos hel hav e
Our B hos hel hav d y h e r t choice for residency.
Look around. Shelby County is blessed
with so many incredible community assets.
Growth and prosperity surround us. Ours
y  tirelessly to make better and encouraged
others to join.
ty has   s   r sto r
ma el sto r
ma do at  p el el r to he ha jus share our spirit.
Jeff Raible
reside  o Commerce
Our Brand. Our Story
 w a o o
we will a o o
we will is mm a    m a e  ”
over S elby C 

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