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Sh sil i   b e t t   ,
Sh uni ted to foste able prac From educational initiatives to sustainable practices,
able prac se these supports collectively envelop Shelby County's
agricultural sector, promoting innovation, sustainability,
sec al sec The Shelby Soil and Water Conservation District
h e   D t a r a d c r 0 c ' il ur ve un .
Soi rs,  Working hand-in-hand with farmers, the SWCD
g hand-in-h management initiatives, seamlessly integrating them
tiv egr ng e heart o ng nc ol, nd p program and partnerships with the USDA highlight
co d t implementation of best management practices. Educational
le ce uc in ol na nd  ent  utr en  qu munity.
FUTU In addressing soil health, the SWCD goes beyond
n   m o en the community.
Embedded within the local community, Ohio State University
m i e   o t r e r lt lt earch on cro ral ota o o e c o n a a o a s  ex re -H s
66 Dis hio Sidn FUTURE
 by nse ded WORK
66 Discover Shelby County Ohio 67 

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