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Because of its location near large T
target markets, the Sidney area has more industries than many cities its size, ranging from small job shops to large corporations.
Discover Shelby County Ohio
he major source of employment in the area
are industries that manufacture a wide variety of products including refrigeration and air compressing units, automotive engines and component parts, tooling, packaging materials, and consumer food products.
In fact, nearly 40% of all employment in Shelby County is in manufacturing, the highest percentage of manufacturing jobs per capita in the State of Ohio. Honda’s Engine Plant and Emerson’s Commercial and Residential Solutions business, both in Shelby County, are two of the top three manufacturing companies in the Miami Valley Region.
Based in Anna, Honda of America Manufacturing Company, Inc., is the largest employer in the region. With nearly 4,000 associates, the Honda engine plant manufactures and distributes automobile engines and components for the United States and overseas markets.
Opening in Shelby County in 1985, the Anna Engine Plant has evolved into Honda’s largest engine plant in
the world. It annually produces more than one million four-cylinder, V-6, and turbo Earth Dreams Technology engines for Honda auto plants throughout North America. In addition, the plant produces high-precision pulleys for Continuously Variable Transmissions used in the Honda Accord and CR-V. Earth Dreams Engine Technology is a

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