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Established: 1985 Employment: 3,000 Capacity:
1.18 million engines annually
Turbo, 4-cylinder & V-6 engines, drive-train components
                    GROWTH and INNOVATION
It all began in 1985 with a 200,000 square-foot facility and only 94 associates. Today, the Anna Engine Plant (AEP) is Honda’s largest engine plant in the world. Sitting on more than 50 acres, the Anna Engine Plant houses two casting operations and more than 50 lines that produce engines and component parts that power Honda products around the world.
The Anna Engine Plant has recently invested in new lines in addition to innovating many of its existing lines to accommodate the next generation of engine – turbo. Turbo engines provide increased performance and fuel efficiency, and are powering many of Honda and Acura’s top selling products today. AEP increased its work force by approximately 100 associates for turbo engine production.
Thanks to our highly skilled associates and the ongoing support of our local community, we can continue to power dreams and envision the future.
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