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growler station is a beer well informed and knowledgeable in investment was considerable, both dispensing system that utilizes a a variety of areas, particularly when it from a monetary standpoint and the filling process similar to filling a comes to determining how to spend training requirements. But it has paid keg, only doing it into a smaller their disposable income. So just being off because today, Karoc Marathon’s
container. But a growler station in a convenience store in Sidney, Ohio?
A little over five years ago, people were wondering “what is a growler and what possessed a small convenience store to start pouring craft beer?” Some might think differentiation, and that would be partly true, but the main reason is today’s customers. They are
Discover Shelby County Ohio
different isn’t good enough.
Led by Jill Catanzarite, who
researched a variety of options for
over a year, the decision was made to purchase a growler filling station. The criteria for making the decision was two-fold: would it pique the customers’ interest and could the owners be passionate about the product? The
growler station in Sidney is not just a novelty, it is a destination.
“The uniqueness of the growler station is in the methodology for dispensing,” said Catanzarite. “Craft beer is poured from one of 16 taps into 64, 32, or 16-ounce bottles (referred
to as growlers). Unlike normal beer poured from a tap, a growler station

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