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filled bottle requires a three step process. First the growler is purged of oxygen with carbon dioxide, then it is pressurized with carbon dioxide. Finally, craft beer is dispensed into
the growler. The purpose of this process is to maintain
taste quality as if the beer was just pulled from the tap. The removal of oxygen is a key component in keeping the
beer fresh until it is ready for consumption.”
Karoc Marathon touts itself as Sidney’s craft beer headquarters because the offerings go beyond what’s on
"Karoc Marathon’s growler station in Sidney is not just a novelty, it is a destination."
tap. On a typical day, the number of different craft bottle and can offerings exceed 500. Ohio brewers represent a considerable portion of the inventory, but craft beers produced from coast to coast are available along with products selected from England, Scotland, The Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Japan and Africa.
The craft beer selection is extensive, but there is more to Karoc Marathon. Over 200 different wines are available with selections from Ohio, California, Oregon, Washington, and
the continents of Europe, Australia and South America. Forty premium cigars reside in the back counter humidor and local items such as beef jerky and honey are featured throughout the store.
The staff, led by Rocco Catanzarite, is focused on three things: insure the safety of the customer and fellow employees, deliver quality service on a timely basis, and maintain the cleanliness of the store. Patrons find that the staff is knowledgeable about the available products and is continuously educated on trends and new releases within the craft beer industry. Always looking to diversify, the company is willing
to bring in new products to satisfy customers’ desires.
Filling growlers, offering fine wine and premium cigars, and utilizing local vendors to supply the store are all part of the evolution of Karoc Marathon as a business. The focus is always on premium convenience, not only by making unique products available to the customer, but
by delivering great service in a clean and friendly environment. Cheers!

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