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elcome to Shelby County, Ohio. My how time flies... It may be hard to believe, but this issue represents our thirteenth edition
of Shelby County’s premier community image magazine and Chamber membership directory. Each year we take great pride and pleasure in pulling together interesting articles, feature stories, and captivating images that showcase our community. This year’s installment of Discover Shelby County magazine has been no exception.
In 2019 we celebrate Shelby County’s Bicentennial. It was 200 years ago when Shelby County was established as the 55th county in the State of Ohio. Named in honor of Isaac Shelby, Kentucky's first governor and American Revolutionary War hero, our area has grown from humble beginnings to become recognized as a region of prosperity and opportunity.
Hardin, Ohio was the first county seat in Shelby County and held that distinction from 1819 to 1820. Today the City of Sidney has this privilege and she will celebrate her Bicentennial next year in 2020.
Shelby County’s rich history is a source of great pride for the people who live here and the organizations that have grown here. This year as we celebrate our historic accomplishments, let us take time to reflect on those who came before and pioneered our path to success. And let us be ever mindful that our endeavors today will profoundly shape the next 200 years of our great community.
So please, sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy this armchair tour of Sidney and Shelby County. My hope is that after spending some time getting lost in these pages you’ll agree as we do that ours is truly a special place to raise a family and grow a business.
Jeff Raible, President
Sidney-Shelby County Chamber of Commerce
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