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 Lehman Catholic senior Mitchell Sollmann worked with fellow students to construct a marble run for the new STEM+MM Engineering Innovations course. This hands-on classroom activity, designed to inspire and excite students about engineering and technical career paths, allowed students to explore construction challenges, design issues, principles of physics and engineering problems.
Shelby County has eight public school districts offering K-12 education. The largest system, Sidney City Schools, serves 3,313 students in six buildings. A planned restructuring of the school system for the 2019-20 school year will add a preschool housed in one building and consolidate K-2 students into two buildings. Third and fourth graders will be in one building and grade five will move into Sidney Middle School with grades 6-8. Grades 9-12 will attend Sidney High School.
Seven smaller public school systems serve the communities of Anna, Botkins, Fairlawn, Fort Loramie, Houston, Jackson Center, and Russia. Known in athletics as the Shelby County League, these school districts have small class sizes, community pride, and caring atmospheres that foster high academic achievement. Sidney City and the Shelby County public schools have continued to upgrade facilities, technology, and curriculum to stay on top of the latest trends in education so as to better prepare students for future studies and career options.
For special education needs, the Shelby Hills Early Childhood Center and the Wilma Valentine Creative Learning Center Daycare work to prepare children to be mainstreamed into regular classrooms. For adults with special needs, there are work and continuing education opportunities at S&H Products/Adult Services.
For parents seeking a private school setting for their children, Shelby County offers several alternatives. Sidney Christian Academy is a K-12 Christ-centered school. In existence since 1978, Christian Academy has an enrollment of 138 students in grades K-12. Established to fulfill the need to develop and instill Biblical principles in the education of children, Christian Academy fulfills all state requirements and is staffed with state certified teachers.
Holy Angels Elementary School, a K-8 Catholic school located in downtown Sidney, has provided faith- based education in Shelby County for over 150 years and has an enrollment of 220 students. Seventh and eighth grade students have their own wing in
the school building and compete in athletics as Lehman Junior High along with students from Piqua Catholic School and St. Patrick School in Troy.
Lehman Catholic High School, located on Route 29 at Interstate
75, provides secondary Catholic education to an enrollment of just under 200 students. The northernmost high school in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Lehman Catholic draws students from 11 public school districts. Lehman’s new STEM+MM initiative adds Manufacturing and Medicine to the classic STEM curriculum. Lehman is partnering
with local companies to provide
career exploration opportunities for students and renovate classroom areas for advanced STEM courses including offerings in food sciences, biomedicine, and engineering.
Known for their academic excellence and values-based education, these three non-public schools accept students of all backgrounds and faiths, and draw students from outside Shelby County as well as locally.
There are also active homeschooling groups in the area for parents who have chosen that path for
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