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      For most companies, numbers tell the story of success – sales, units, productivity, units. But at NK Parts in Sidney, different numbers – numbers that track things like blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol – have become just as important.
Through an ambitious effort
to provide wellness services to its associates, the leadership team of
NK Parts has found that a healthy workforce equals a healthy bottom line.
Concerned with rising health
care costs, NK Parts took control of
its health plan and began offering a fitness component for associates and their families in 2005. Incentives were given to those who participated. In 2014, to move the program forward and improve participation, Ronda Fogt was hired as the full-time Wellness and Medical Benefits Manager.
Fogt is a fitness specialist but her long-range plan involved more than exercise. In March 2018, a full-service medical clinic was opened on campus with a dedicated nurse practitioner and a medical assistant. Within six months, collected data showed company-wide improvement in basic health numbers.
“Associates are asked to visit the clinic every 90 days,” said Fogt. “Our staff is doing more than checking blood pressure. They are doing lifestyle management and building relationships, and in turn, closing gaps in care.”
Clinic services that include annual biometric screenings, vision and dental exams, age and gender cancer screenings, lab tests, medications,
and vaccines are free to associates and their family members. Enrollment and tracking of individual results is handled through Wellvibe, a third-party firm
in Kettering. The clinic is managed through Healthstat, another third-party company that manages workplace clinics throughout the country. Because of privacy laws, management does not see individual results, but Healthstat shares the collected data with the
NK Parts’ insurance partner United Healthcare.
Associates who participate in the Wellness Program receive a significant reduction in their monthly health insurance premiums. This saves a family roughly $2,200 in annual premiums in addition to co-pays of $1,000 or more that are waived when they use the company clinic.
“Most companies are seeing a
6% increase in insurance costs each year and they pass that along to their employees,” said HR Manager Brad Oehlhof. “We have straight line costs. It is easy to see that we take care of our associates.”
As the wall of plaques in the Associate Development Center
shows, the wellness program has not gone unnoticed. NK Parts has been recognized as one of the 100 Healthiest Workplaces in America, an awards program presented by Springbuk. In 2018, NK Parts jumped from 61st place to 28th. The top 100 workplaces were honored at the Fitbit Captivate Conference in Chicago for their commitment to employee health
and exceptional corporate wellness
programming. Over 1,000 of America’s top wellness programs were evaluated for this award.
NK Parts was also mentioned in Forbes magazine for being awarded the 2018 American Heart Association Fit-Friendly Worksite Gold Level Achievement Award. It was the fourth year NK Parts was named to the Gold Level index that provides employers with the best practices
to evaluate the quality of workplace health programs.
CONTINUUM OF CARESPOTLIGHT The company has also been named one
of the Dayton Business Journal’s 2018 Healthiest Employers for the past six years.
The awards have only pushed the team to add more programs. “We
are now moving towards a tobacco- free workforce,” said Fogt. “Through education at the clinic and on-line, we are already seeing a noticeable reduction in tobacco use.”
A healthy food and drink policy has been implemented, making sure that 50% of foods served on campus are healthy choices. A change in vending companies and price adjustments
to make healthier items the more affordable choices have subtly steered associates to better eating habits. “This year, as another incentive, we will be providing free fresh fruit boxes to our families once a month,” said Fogt.
The fitness center is now open 24/7 so that associates and family members can use it at any time of
day and on weekends. Safeguards like alarms and medical alert lanyards are
in place so that even when the center
is not staffed, participants feel safe
and connected in case of emergency. The center is full of machines of all kinds from free weights to cardio. Also offered are group fitness classes, Wii for the kids, and trainings in CPR, First Aid, and AED.
The company is also incorporating standing desks and a policy for meetings that encourages those who sit for 60 minutes to get up and move for 30 seconds before sitting again.
“The data does not lie,” said Fogt. “Wellness monitoring can fix health problems before they become serious. Last year 92% of our associates and 97% of their spouses completed their annual biometric screenings and we are seeing the impact it is making in the reduction of our health care costs.”
“We want to be the employer
of choice in Shelby County,” added Oehlhof. “We are growing and people are joining our team because of this package. Our turnover rate is one of the lowest in the area, and morale here is at an all-time high.”
Wellness at NK Parts is working, and that’s the best bottom line of all. 45

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