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 has been created to showcase the theme. Freedom is represented by Shelby County’s flag; families by a mother, father and children; farms by a barn; and industry by three interconnecting gears. Designed by Mary Beth Monnier of Creative Marketing Strategies, the .999 fine silver coins were minted by Osborne Coinage of Cincinnati.
The Bicentennial Committee sponsored a contest to name a special beer that was brewed by Nick Moeller at Moeller Brew Barn in Maria Stein. It is a pilsner, a type of lager that interestingly, was brewed in the only brewing company ever located in Shelby County – the John Wagner Brewing Company (1896-1919).
To celebrate the rich agricultural history of the area, there will be displays of antique farm equipment
at the Shelby County Fair July 21-
27. On September 7, antique and vintage collectibles will be available for sale at a Shelby County Bicentennial Marketplace at the Shelby County Fairgrounds.
On a whimsical note, Shelby County students and others will attempt to set a new World Record
for most people opening a drink can simultaneously on September 18 at Sidney Memorial Stadium. The current record was established in Japan in 2016 when 1,149 people opened a
soft drink at one time. This idea was chosen because Sidney is home to the Stolle Corporation where the process for mass-producing pop-top drink cans originated. Guinness World Records officials will be on hand to validate the record.
On October 5, 2019, a red oak tree will be planted at every county school, and on October 5, 2020, a white oak
tree will be planted at every school in Sidney. Trees will also be offered for sale to residents. Oak trees were selected for their stately stature, brilliant fall color, and the value they offer to wildlife when they mature.
Another special event will be a tour of Shelby County churches, planned for the weekend of October 19-20. “The historic church tour and accompanying tour booklet will show what a strong and religious community we have always been and will continue to be,” said Commissioner Guillozet. The tour will be drive-it-yourself and will include a list of “ghost churches” that are no longer in existence.
Other 2019 events include an Antique Quilt Exhibit at Hardin Methodist Church on April 27, a Native American Artifact Show at Fort Loramie Elementary School on April 28, and a Patriotic Concert
and Ice Cream Social on the lawn of the Courthouse on June 7, featuring the Wright Patterson Air Force Band of Flight. On July 4, there will be a Bicentennial Parade and fireworks show, and on December 6, the annual Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony will spotlight the 200th anniversary.
A Bicentennial Ball on February 22, 2020, will close the Shelby County Bicentennial and usher in the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the city of Sidney. This glamorous and formal evening will be held at the Courthouse and feature live music, dancing, and heavy hors d’oeuvres.
“This Bicentennial Celebration is about all of Shelby County,” said Commissioner Guillozet. “We are striving to bring everyone together to recognize that Freedom, Families,
Farms, and Industry have been and will continue to be our strength and motivation to move us forward for another 200-plus years.”
Bicentennial silver collectible coin.
The Shelby County Bicentennial Committee developed an official beer for the celebration with the help of Moeller Brew Barn of Maria Stein, Ohio. A contest was held to name the brew and Shelby 1819 Limited was chosen as the winner. It honors our county’s namesake General Isaac Shelby, a beloved Revolutionary War Hero. His image graces the packaging of this limited edition pilsner. 69

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