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hen Copeland Corporation arrived in Sidney in 1937, it was already advertising itself as “one of the oldest and most highly respected names in the refrigeration industry.”
Today, its parent company, Emerson, is known globally as a leader in HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration), with its air conditioning and refrigeration compressor businesses still headquartered in Sidney. Operations continue at the same Campbell Road location the Copeland Corporation opened in 1957.
As a leader in manufacturing, engineering and system innovation, Emerson makes inside air conditioning systems for homes and commercial buildings, and refrigeration systems for retailers, restaurants and other institutions worldwide. The plant in Sidney produces over 300,000 air conditioning and refrigeration compressors annually.
Since its beginnings in 1921, Copeland has been known for its proud history of innovation. Emerson continued that tradition over the decades, growing the brand to more than 150 million compressors installed worldwide in the past 30
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