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 Emerson has completed the first phase of a $100 million four-year Sidney renovation and expansion project.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            years. To date, Emerson has invested $1.5 billion in the development of Copeland ScrollTM technology. The company’s work in Sidney builds upon its
foundation in compressor manufacturing to focus on solving broad issues facing the industry. Engineering and support services in Sidney are making it possible to address the evolving needs and demands for comfort in homes and businesses, and to keep food fresh as it moves from farm to fork.
In 2018, Emerson completed the first phase of a $100 million four-year Sidney renovation and expansion project, just one facet of a year of change and growth for the global company.
The new lobby and office space visible from I-75 are
a key part of the renovation, which also includes exterior refacing, building improvements, investments in new technology and equipment for operations, and significant infrastructure work on the new engineering laboratory inside the existing structure. Construction is underway on this expanded area, which will provide cutting-edge surroundings to conduct advanced performance and refrigerants testing with compressors, controls, electronics and related products.
Intended to create an environment to attract tomorrow’s engineers, scientists and industry leaders, the renovated facility has been designed to facilitate cross-functional collaboration and provide an efficient, modern workplace. The facility will provide new opportunities for high tech, skilled workers to support testing and innovations in
areas like environmentally friendly refrigerants and smart electronics.
This new development of Emerson’s Sidney facility, which is slated to be fully completed by 2021, is being driven by local company leadership and employee committees. In keeping with Emerson’s goal to attract and retain a strong workforce, Sidney employees at all levels have played a role in shaping decisions on building design, function of work and meeting spaces, interior design and amenities like an updated fitness center.

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